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If you notice unsightly changes to the appearance of your toenails, it could be toenail fungus. At Park Center Foot and Ankle Clinic in Boise and Meridian, Idaho, the team can help rid you of toenail fungus and restore the health and appearance of your toenails. Led by board-certified podiatrist Randy Lowe, DPM, the team specializes in patient-centered care for a wide range of foot and ankle problems. To schedule your visit, call one of the offices or book online today.

Toenail Fungus Q&A

What causes toenail fungus?

Toenail fungus is a type of infection that enters through small cracks and breaks in your nail. The most common type of toenail fungus is called dermatophyte. Fungal toenail infections are caused by a number of different yeasts and molds that are all around us.  

Although toenail fungus can affect anyone, your risks increase as you get older and your nails become more dry and brittle. Other factors like having a history of athlete’s foot, diabetes, or walking barefoot in public swimming pools, gyms, and locker rooms can also increase your chances of developing toenail fungus. 

What are the symptoms of toenail fungus?

Symptoms of toenail fungus may include:

  • Thickened nails
  • Discolored nails (yellow or whitish color)
  • Brittle or crumbly nails
  • Foul-smelling nails
  • An irregular or distorted shape

Although most cases of toenail fungus are mild, the condition can become painful and cause unsightly changes to your nails. Toenail fungus is notoriously difficult to treat at home and often recurs. Without treatment, toenail fungus doesn’t usually clear up on its own. 

If you suffer from toenail fungus, Dr. Lowe and his team can provide you with safe and effective treatment. 

How is toenail fungus diagnosed?

To diagnose your condition, Dr. Lowe conducts a simple exam of your toenails. In some cases, he may take a sample of your nail for lab testing to determine the type of fungus causing your infection. 

After your diagnosis, Dr. Lowe recommends the most effective treatment for your infection. 

How is toenail fungus treated?

Treatment for your toenail fungus may include:

  • Oral antifungal medication
  • Medicated nail polish
  • Medicated nail cream

Toenail fungus can take several months or even longer to go away. In some cases, Dr. Lowe may suggest a minor procedure that allows him to apply antifungal medication to the infection under your nail. 

Dr. Lowe and his team specialize in patient-centered care and work with you to find the most appropriate treatment for your needs. To find out which treatment is right for your toenail fungus, call or book your appointment at Park Center Foot and Ankle Clinic online today.